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Study finds women are invisible in drowning conversation

Despite accounting for 30 percent of all drownings worldwide research, interventions, and targeted campaigns into how and where females drown has received very little attention, says Karen Richardson, Water Safety New Zealand’s Policy and Research Advisor.

In a paper recently published in the International Journal of Injury Prevention, Richardson found that there is a gender gap when it came to the analysis of fatal and non-fatal drownings and the running of targeted intervention campaigns.

Female preventable drownings and hospitalisations in New Zealand were on the rise with a 20 percent increase in female fatal drownings in 2018 and a 30 percent increase in hospitalisations compared to the 2013-2017 average. Analysis of fatal drownings, hospital admissions and ACC claims showed that for every female fatal drowning there ae four hospital admissions and 676 ACC claims.


Read the research paper here:

Research Paper

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