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A family of websites.

Water Safety New Zealand delivers information and resources that are specific, and made relevant, for various audiences.

Wai is central to Māori identity, health and wellbeing and is considered a taonga (treasure).

The Kia Maana Kia Ora website is a rich resource for water safety skills training and information. It acknowledges that water safety is not merely about the learning of water skills. It must start with a deeper understanding and respect for wai that is natural for Māori, which can also lead to the provision of more purposeful drowning prevention for all New Zealanders.


Water Safety New Zealand is working to keep little ones safe around water.

The website is a friendly guide to everything water safety and how it relates to parents, caregivers and their little ones.

Tools are available to keep babies and toddlers safe whether it be in, on or around water both in the home, in the community or out in the environment.


For our primary school children, Water Skills for Life is the essential beginning of life-long learning.

Water Skills for Life is the national standard for aquatic education in New Zealand primary schools. It is linked into the New Zealand curriculum and gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk and make smart decisions around water.

The website contains lesson plans for teachers and classroom resources including posters and achievement certificates for students.


Wai Ora Aotearoa, the New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2025 represents the sector’s collective approach to saving lives. It commits sector partners to continue to work together towards common goals with greater impact and efficiency.

Achieving this vision will address the drowning problem in our country and help ensure people connect to and enjoy the water safely.



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