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Endurance Yacht Race makes water safety a priority

28 February 2018

Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) is pleased with the focus placed on water safety by The 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race taking place on Wellington Harbour on 3-4th March 2018.

The race pushes competitors to extremes so Race Director Theo Muller from Lowry Bay Yacht Club says safety has to be paramount.

“All boats must comply with Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations and as the sailing will continue through the night skippers and crew must wear lifejackets at all times during the hours of darkness while on deck” says Theo Muller.

Also during the hours of darkness a Coastguard vessel will be on stand-by should an emergency occur. “We also have two private launches on stand-by around the race course to assist yachts if necessary.”

The 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race is a unique event – and a first on Wellington Harbour. Yachts race around a circuit for 24 hours and the yacht that sails the longest distance during that period is the winner.

A handicap system will be used to ensure that faster boats fairly compete with slower boats with the race open to all keel boats and trailer yachts over six metres (20 feet).

Theo Muller says every endeavour will be made to continue the race for the whole 24 hours, however, the Race Committee reserves the right to delay the start or to finish the race early due to weather, or any other condition that might impede the safety of the event.

“The Race Committee also reserves the right to pause racing due to bad weather and restart the race later from the Start Line during the race time“ says Theo Muller.

Up to 20 yachts are expected to compete, including a training yacht from the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The Lowry Bay Yacht Club is the organising authority, but yachts from other clubs are welcome to compete.

Theo Muller says The 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race is designed for yachties who aspire to off-shore or blue water sailing, but may feel restricted due to the size of their boat or their limited experience of being out on the ocean.

“This race gives them the opportunity to do what ocean sailors do; sailing through the night, navigating the course and running an effective watch plan. You don’t go to sea, if your boat and crew is not up to it. So, participating in the 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race requires a lot of preparation.”

Theo Muller says it’s vital participants make sure everything on board is in working order, including navigation lights, safety equipment such as life jackets for all the crew and an engine that is serviced.

“Yachts are required to have two VHF radios on board, one for inside the cabin and one for the cockpit. We also require at least two cell phones and chargers on board to enable effective two-way communication with Race Control.”

For media enquiries call Race Director Theo Muller on 0274 483931

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Endurance Yacht Race makes water safety a priority

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