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Draft Sector Strategy Overview: Download


Draft framework for The New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2021-2025


Message from the Minister for Sport and Recreation

            Finalised prior to publication

Forward – message from Water Safety New Zealand Chair/CEO

            Finalised prior to publication

Introduction – what this document contains


The World Health Organisation 2014 Drowning Report

World Health Organisation Preventing Drowning: an implementation guide 2017

Explanation of the next iteration of the WSSS 2020, how the 2025 strategy differs from the current strategy


Section One: The New Zealand water safety sector Cross Sector Reference Group & the development process of the 2021 - 2025 strategy


The water safety sector Cross Section Reference Group (CSRG)

The water safety sector CSRG was established by sector agreement at the Water Safety New Zealand AGM in late 2014. The group is committed to improving water safety in New Zealand, and is made up of 10 leading organisations in the water safety space.

The CSRG is committed to collaborating, consulting, developing and implementing the Water Safety Sector Strategy. In 2015 the CSRG developed and published the first New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2020.

This document is the next iteration of the 2015 strategy, and will be known as the New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2021-2025. The strategy has been developed by the CSRG in consultation with a wide group of water safety stakeholders and a broad cross-section of multi-sectorial related agencies, that each have a part to play in drowning prevention and water safety in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Development process of the 2021-2025 strategy
  • The strategy development process, with reference to the owners of the strategy, workshops held via Zoom during lockdown, in person meetings, the consultation process, Covid 19 and the impact on the development of the strategy and consultation process.

  • Include flowchart of the process. This may be included in the final document as an appendix


Section Two: The current drowning problem in New Zealand


  • New Zealand water related fatality trends – short executive overview with graphs incorporating per capita population data

  • Infographic outlining 20 NZ facts e.g. two side by side pages with written and pictorial facts related to water safety, and drowning in NZ. Will be informed by priority focus areas, and a scan of facts in those areas.

  • Impact of external environmental, social and technological factors that should be considered (referenced using reputable NZ resources)


  • expected population growth by 2030 (?)
  • expected X% of population in each age group
  • expected proportion of population living in each regional area
  • projected growth in tourism
  • projected growth in new immigrants
  • Covid-19 impacts
  • data forecast change in:
  • extreme weather events,
  • climate change,
  • unemployment,
  • technological change,
  • volunteering &
  • participation rates


This will most likely be reflected in an infographic.

  • Non-fatal drowning – the impact on individuals, families, and society. Position statement, definition and categorisation framework
  • Gaps in New Zealand drowning research

Highlight known gaps here and define the data and research working groups currently engaged



Section Three: The New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2021 - 2025


Provide a single page, diagrammatic representation that will serve as a summary. The layout will cover the areas below.

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Strategic areas of focus – 5 pillars

  • Strategic action steps to implement change

  • Implementation plan

  • Monitoring & evaluation framework

See Download Above


Section Four: Conclusion, summary and recommendations


Conclusion, key areas of action and recommendations
  • Government - how the Government might help facilitate and support the NZWSSS 2021 - 2025

  • Regional & Community-based collaboration and relationship engagement


  • WSNZ would like to acknowledge the Cross Sector Reference Group, the wider water safety sector and other broader multi-sectorial partners for providing content and helpful feedback

  • Project Manager

  • Editorial committee

  • Fatal drowning data: provider of information

  • Non-fatal drowning data: provider of information

  • Funding & support


Glossary of Key Terms and Acronyms


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