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Cross Sector Reference Group

The Cross Sector Reference Group was established in 2014. It provides input and advice to the water safety community on initiatives around the sector plan. It is based on a collaboration between organisations within the water safety sector,  focusing on informing and progressing solutions to the drowning problem in New Zealand. Its three priorities are:

  1. Identifying and advising members on alignment of delivery, data collection and analysis, policy and advocacy
  2. Providing advice and support to initiatives
  3. Building an understanding of the collective impact approach.

Water Safety New Zealand provides backbone leadership support, guides the vision and strategy, supports aligned activities, establishes shared measurement practices, builds public will, advances policy and mobilises funding.

Collective sector ownership is paramount and several initiatives are progressing.

Sector Data and Research Plans

The Water Safety Sector Data and Research Plans are distinct, but interrelated, work streams. The former will outline a sector data strategy, and the latter will identify the priority research topics and research delivery strategy for the sector.

The Research and Data Working Group was established to develop the plans and provide oversight and coordination of sector information, research, data collection, survey and market research.

Members of the working group were enlisted from Water Safety New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand, Coastguard Boating Education, WaterSafe Auckland Inc and Maritime New Zealand. The first draft of the plan was completed by 30 June 2017.

Sector Capability Review

The Capability Review was initiated in late 2016. The review aimed at developing a capability plan for the sector. The key proposed outputs are:

  1. Developing an outcome set for the water safety sector based on the Sector Strategy
  2. Undertaking an environmental scan of the water safety sector
  3. Completing a stocktake that describes the current state of the sector, its agencies and programmes, and assesses their functional state, strengths, risks, opportunities and gaps
  4. Collating and publishing a capability review document (based on 1 to 3 above)
  5. Developing a draft capability plan based on a capability review document and workshop outcomes.
  6. Agreeing with stakeholders the capability development actions that could be undertaken without extra funding and identify those which require extra resources.

Implementation of the review began in 2016/17 and is seen as a two-year initiative through to 2018/19.

A governance structure has been developed for the Capability Review that involves several sector stakeholders in active contributing roles:

  • CSRG’s role is providing oversight to the Capability Review
  • The Project Owners are the Chairs of Water Safety New Zealand, Swimming New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand
  • The Capability Working Group comprises representatives of Water Safety New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, New Zealand Search and Rescue, and Water Safe Auckland Inc.

Communications and Engagement Working Group

The CSRG Communications and Engagement Working Group was established to provide effective coordination of sector communications activity, especially regarding summer campaigns, social marketing and sector communications which contribute to the implementation of the sector strategy. Work in progress includes:

  • Development and delivery of a National Engagement and Communications Plan
  • The alignment of sector investments in communications and engagement 

  • Building political and public support for water safety through coordinated sector media, advocacy and communications plans 

  • Connecting the wider water safety sector by sharing information and key messages. 

The working group consists of representatives from Water Safety New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, Maritime New Zealand, WaterSafe Auckland Inc, Waikato Regional Council, Aktive, New Zealand Search and Rescue, and Swimming New Zealand.

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