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Help us reduce the incidence of preventable drowning in the Bay of Plenty

Reducing preventable drownings in the Bay of Plenty is a key objective of Water Safety New Zealand.

Water Safety New Zealand is currently facilitating the development of a Bay of Plenty regional water safety strategy.

We invite those involved in water based recreation and activity in the Bay of Plenty to contribute to the discussion about drowning prevention in the region.

This process needs your support and involvement, because local people know best what needs to happen to achieve success.

Discussion forums are being conducted on 28, 29 and 30 May, in the Bay of Plenty. Click here to register to attend.


Following the Water Safety Sector Strategy 2020 Plan adopted by Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ), a series of regional water safety strategies promoting a community led, locally focused effort is underway to reduce (and eventually eliminate) preventable drowning incidents in New Zealand.

Download the Bay of Plenty Drowning Report here.

The resulting strategies will:

  • promote approaches to water safety that are most suitable to individual regions and local communities.
  • encourage new, innovative ideas and future planning to be included as part of water safety strategies.
  • encourage cooperative, collaborative and community led actions that are sustainable at local and regional levels.

WSNZ will look to these regional water safety strategies to guide its facilitation, assistance, support and funding of local efforts and actions in reducing preventable drowning.

We are keen to identify what needs to be addressed at all levels:

Individual - what actions can be taken to support individuals to reduce potential drownings?

Whanau/family - What actions will help whanau/family support and protect each other to help reduce potential drownings?

Community - What actions and public infrastructure might be needed to help reduce the potential of drowning within our local communities?

The Process


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