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Water Safety New Zealand’s purpose is to provide leadership, advocacy and education for the wellbeing of all people in New Zealand.

Advocacy is an important element in our sector leadership as we work for a step change in New Zealand, so people don’t drown. This means Water Safety New Zealand engages with central and local government, as well as many other bodies, to provide informed insights that seek to drive initiatives which can have real impact.

Water Safety New Zealand plays a leading sector role in Government engagement to ensure our collective voices are heard and to support the long-term financial sustainability of the sector.

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New Zealand Safer Boating Forum

Posted on Water Safety New Zealand. Water Safety New Zealand


New Zealand Safer Boating Forum The New Zealand Safer Boating Forum is a formal network representing a cross-section of national and regional government agencies, local body groups, organisations and the marine industry, involved in promoting recreational boating safety in New Zealand. Water Safety New Zealand is an active contributor. The p... Keep Reading

Thu 21 Dec 2017, 08:43 am




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