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About Us

New Zealand has a high fatal drowning rate compared to other Western nations such as Australia, Canada and the UK. For the past ten years our rate has been 1.7 per 100,000 of population and in 2020 is 1.62. In comparison, Australia's per capita rate is 1.1 and Canada's 1.3. Each fatality comes with a human and financial cost. It's a life cut-short - often a young life - and it leaves families and communities devastated.

Our drowning toll is something every New Zealander should see as a national disgrace and one we all have a responsibility to address.

Through our leadership, advocacy and education, Water Safety New Zealand works with water safety sector organisations, individuals and the public to reduce the incidence of drowning and injury in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our work contributes to the reduction in drownings and to a thriving society for individuals, families and communities.

Water Safety New Zealand is an association of members in the water safety sector with an elected board and recruited management and administration team. It is an incorporated society, with charitable status.

Its operating budget is funded by Sport New Zealand and ACC, while Lotteries Grants funding, via Sport New Zealand, funds water safety providers through the Water Safety New Zealand annual investment round. Funding from corporates, trusts and foundations also supports community initiatives and programmes.

Donations made to Water Safety New Zealand receive tax credits and our Charities Services registration number is CC33799. 

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