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With the countrywide lockdown we are slowly adapting to the old rules again – 2 metre distance, more mask wearing and contact tracing, but the main thing is staying inside your bubble. 
But how do your exercise during these rather strange times?

The message this year is the same as last year– recreate responsibly during the Covid-19 lockdown period Level 4 and stay out of the water – rescue services don’t want to risk their lives, rescuing yours.
While it is tempting to head out to sea, the rivers, lakes, or head for the hills for some remote recreation, please don’t. 
As rescue services are predominately made up of volunteers, they don’t want to breach their bubbles just because you have left yours.
While it is imperative to keep up your exercise, for both mental and physical wellbeing, you must be able to do it locally and don’t venture to far from your home (and bubble).
Key messages from Government are:
•    You can go for a walk, run or bike ride in your local area
•    If you do, it must be on your own, or with your household bubble. No gathering or meeting with those outside your bubble
•    You must keep a 2-metre distance from anyone outside your bubble whilst exercising outside the home
•    You don’t need to wear a mask when exercising but the Government advises you to take one with you if you find that physical distance is difficult and
•    If you are unwell stay at home.
Sport NZ has a whole heap of information regarding sport and recreation under COVID 19 – to access this ….

Covid 19 lockdown and keeping active

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