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Splashing for fun? or for your life?

A child’s ability to stay afloat and safe in the water is something every parent wants. ACC is working with Water Safety New Zealand to ensure children get the opportunity to learn vital water safety skills while they’re at primary school. Water Skills for Life gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk and make smart decisions around water.

Water Safety New Zealand’s funding and drowning prevention partner, ACC launched its campaign on 13 January 2020. In support of injury prevention, care and recovery, ACC is making a positive difference to how people recreate around water in Aotearoa.

This 2020 ACC campaign is designed to increase awareness and understanding of ACC and its role and services to prevent injury and provide care and support for New Zealanders after an injury. Research shows that just under half of New Zealanders don’t have a full understanding of what ACC’s role is and how it can support them to avoid injury and recover after one. Awareness of ACC is much lower for Māori. The campaign specifically addresses this awareness gap. Low awareness can stop people from coming to ACC for help.

The content of the ACC campaign featuring water safety was co-designed with New Zealanders to ensure it meets their information needs. Check it out.


ACC campaign features water safety

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