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The Force of Water: For Teachers

It is difficult for people who are inexperienced at being in or on rivers to appreciate the force of the water moving in a river.

The river is not the ideal place for people to begin to appreciate the force of water, as it can be too dangerous. Activities that allow students and trainees to feel the force of the water can be conducted in a swimming pool.
As these activities are led by teachers or instructors, they are listed on the notes for teachers and leaders, not as activities for learners.
Resources provided

  • Be River Safe video
  • Activities for feeling the force of water in a swimming pool included in this document

The Survival Swimming and Strainer Danger sections of the Be River Safe video provide background information to provide a context for the pool activities.

Additional resource

River Safety Education for Pools

Using a pool with a current or creating a current in a swimming pool

Many public swimming pools can create a water current. If your available pool does not have a suitable current, visit page 8 of River Safety Education for Pools to find out how to create a current.



The Force of Water - For Teachers

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