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Payroll Giving

Payroll giving, where offered by your employer, gives you the opportunity to donate to Water Safety New Zealand (an approved donee organisation with IRD) direct from your pay and receive immediate tax credits that reduce your PAYE payable. You don't need to wait until the end of the year to claim your tax credit.

Your donation will be pooled into our Investment Fund for distribution to providers delivering water safety programmes to at-risk groups.

Payroll giving and employees

If your employer offers a payroll giving scheme and you want to join, you need to:

Give your employer:

  • our name: Water Safety New Zealand
  • amount of the donation you want to make
  • pay period, or periods, you want the donation to be made (ie every pay day, every month, etc)
  • Water Safety New Zealand's bank account (01-0564-0006790-00) or postal address (P O Box 10126, Wellington)

If your employer’s scheme allows, you can alter the frequency, amount and donee organisations you choose to donate to.

Thank you for choosing helping us reduce drownings through education and social marketing campaigns to change behaviour.


Call Sheridan and she'll help you get involved

Sheridan works with our partners and supporters assisting them to make commitments which are aligned with their passion for water safety and personal and/or company values. From volunteering your time, making a cash donation or providing inkind support towards a programme or campaign, Sheridan can find the right fit for your contribution. 

For a confidential conversation, call Sheridan on 021 1928 708 or email

Together, we’re building the capacity of Kiwis, new New Zealanders and visitors to New Zealand to have safe experiences in, on or around the waterways of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Together, we’re helping people be active, have fun and share the joys and experiences of their water adventures with families and friends. Be it swimming or scuba diving, floating or fishing, water safety is a fundamental foundation to a flourishing New Zealand society.

All financial support is channelled into the communities of most need and where the fit between programmes and organisations or individuals is best aligned.

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