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11 October 2021

Year to Date Preventable Drownings for 2021 - 39

Year to Date Preventable Drownings for 2020 - 50

This weekly live statistics page relies on information from preventable drowning incidents gathered from coronial findings, police and news stories from across the country.

We categorised each case according to age, gender and ethnicity of the victim and nature and cause of the incident, including activity and environment.

This page is updated weekly in a 'year to date format', and you can download the raw data from each graph. For in-depth analysis - head over to our 2019 Data & Insights in the Drowning Stats section. 


























Month by Month



Environment by Month







Drowning data is sourced from Water Safety New Zealand’s DrownBase™ and the figures provided are provisional.

Preventable fatalities include recreational and non-recreational drowning deaths. They do not include those fatalities classified as ‘other’ (arising as a result of road or air vehicle accidents, homicide, suicide or of unknown origin) as these are not considered applicable to the prevention and rescue efforts of the water safety sector.

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