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Eight ways to keep babies and toddlers water safe

  1. Adult supervision is imperative. Always keep them within arms' reach around water.
  2. If you're in a group, have an active adult supervision roster. Don't rely on children or teenagers, they are easily distracted.
  3. Identify water hazards in and around the home. Empty water from unused paddling pools and buckets.
  4. Use your Water Safety bathmat at bath times.
  5. Put your phone away. Avoid distractions such as texting and using social media.
  6. Teach your children water safety behaviour.
  7. Lifejackets. These are essential on a boat, must fit snuggly and have a crotch strap.
  8. Support your child to have enjoyable and positive early experiences around water.


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How to Keep Your Under Fives Water Safe

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