Oscar Kightley Swims

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Oscar Kightley is a celebrated actor, writer, comedian – and non-swimmer. But that's changing. Oscar has teamed up with Water Safety New Zealand to learn to swim, so he can have fun (safely) in the water, but also in the hope that he will inspire other New Zealanders to do the same. You can share in his learning to swim experience here. Don't forget to give him some encouragement along the way.

Soaking up the knowledge


Massive apologies for taking so long in between blogs. It’s not that I’ve been lazy.  Well yes it is kind of that.

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Through the water


Well after a hiccup and a period of levelling out and then a few more hiccups I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on this whole swimming thing.

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To the depths of the pool


At my latest lesson I went from the heights of joy to the depths of the pool.

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Bringing it all together


In the last couple of weeks I have managed to squeeze in two lessons and I am so glad.

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